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  • Name: EditPlus 4.2
  • File Size: see below
  • Date: 28 Feb 2017
  • License: Shareware
  • Price: $35.00
  • Eval: 30 days
  • Operating System: Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7/8/10
  • Hardware Requirements: 1Ghz or faster processor, 1GB RAM
  • Other Requirements: None.
  • Language Support: English, Korean

EditPlus is a text editor, HTML editor, PHP editor and Java editor for Windows. While it can serve as a good Notepad replacement, it also offers many powerful features for Web page authors and programmers. Syntax highlighting for HTML, PHP, Java, C/C++, CSS, ASP, Perl, JavaScript, VBScript, Python and Ruby on Rails. Seamless Web browser for previewing HTML pages, and FTP commands for uploading local files to FTP server. Other features include Hex Viewer, code folding, HTML toolbar, user tools, line number, ruler, URL highlighting, auto-completion, Cliptext, column selection, powerful search and replace, multiple undo/redo, spell checker, customizable keyboard shortcuts, and more. What's new: Supports Markdown syntax highlighting and browser preview. Offers a native 64-bit executable. Changes in this release:

  • New features:
    • Selecting number by double click now includes commas and dots.
    • 'HTML Entity to Ansi' commands now supports entity numbers.
    • 'Insert as New' command for Cliptext Window.
    • Increases number of column markers to 20.
  • Bug fixes:
    • aes128-ctr encryption didn't work on Windows 7 and XP.
    • Revives 'View'->'Cursor Indicator' menu option.
    • 'Reload unsaved buffers' option didn't work correclty with remote files.
    • Deleting open files from Explorer could cause program crash.
    • Replace All in selection could cause program crash.
    • EditPlus context menu from Explorer couldn't handle multiple files in some cases.
    • Spell checker could show inaccurate error message.
    • Fixes Perl syntax highlighting for array index symbol.
    • Korean 3 Beolsik keyboard input on column selection didn't work correctly in some cases.
  • Download links:

More info-ES-Computing

  • Name: FreeText 1.46
  • File Size: 1.4MB
  • Date: 8 Apr 2014
  • License: Freeware
  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
  • Hardware Requirements: Not provided.
  • Other Requirements: None
  • Language Support: English, ChineseSimplified, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Polish

FreeText is a simple and easy-to-use notebook for making notes, keeping to-do lists, storing information on accounts and contacts, etc. It can be helpful when you need to save a link, interesting citation, phone number or to simply insert text from a clipboard for a short time. By clicking on a program icon you can immediately start entering data. You don't have to create and save files - the file is always open in the program, and all changes are automatically saved. No worries! The program is initially customized to launch when your computer turns on and to be always shown in the notification area. You enter data with the help of multieditor - a technology that adds easy-to-use and helpful functions to a text editor. For example, the text may include different elements. New in this release: Image error fixed on Windows 8. Small improvements and fixes. More info-SoftConstructors