Submit Software

PAD Submissions

The primary form of software submission is via PAD file. (Note: if you do not submit a PAD file I will still check the PAD Repository for a PAD file. If there is one I will add it to my list and check it for changes daily). All you have to do is send me an email that includes a link to your PAD file. If your submission is accepted I will post your software (usually within a day) and reply to let you know that your app will be listed. I will also automatically scan your PAD file multiple times daily to check for updates. Please ensure that your PAD file is filled out correctly and is complete. Incomplete submissions will be automatically rejected. Please do not submit multiple PAD links at the same time. For more information about PAD please see the Association of Software Professionals PAD Site. Note: all submissions must be in English.

Code Signing

Developers. Do you know the advantages of digitally signing your code? If your code is unsigned IE's SmartScreen™ filter (and some antivirus software) will mark your software as possibly dangerous. When the end user sees this there is a good chance that they will not try or purchase your software. Signed software means that you have taken care to insure that your software is safe and will not infect the user's computer with some form of malware. If you have further questions about Code Signing there is an excellent article on Microsoft's MSDN site.

Security Note

If your submission email is over 20K I may never see it. For security reasons I have my email client set to automatically delete all email with attachments. Also any email that is over 20K will not be downloaded from the server.

All software that is submitted will be scanned for security problems. Only software that passes all security scans will be posted.

Standard Email Submissions

Standard email submissions are still accepted. The following information is required in all standard email submissions/updates:

  • Name and version of app (required).
  • File Size (required).
  • License Type (required) (Examples: Shareware, Trialware, Commercial Software, Commercial Demo, Freeware, Adware (New Adware submissions are no longer accepted. Existing Adware listings will be retained on a case by case basis.).
  • Price (required if Shareware/Trialware/Commercial Software, Commercial Demo)
  • Evaluation type/period (should include any limitations or restrictions in the evaluation version of your software) (required)).
  • System requirements (required (please list Operating System first)). Be sure to list each Operating System individually. If submitting for Windows NT please include version number.
  • Description (required).
  • Download link (required).
  • Link to homepage of app (required).
  • Name of developer's company (if applicable).

Software will be remain listed for 1 year after the initial posting/update. If the software hasn't been updated within one year the listing will be reviewed. If there is not a later version the listing will be deleted (with some exceptions).

I do post Beta software (on a case by case basis) but please make sure you include that information in your submission so that I know it's a beta.

Please do not be surprised if the description that is posted is not the same as the one you submit. Please do not use "computer translations". Even though they are getting better most of the time they make very little sense.

Please be sure to include your email address. I will not post an application without having an email address in case I need to ask you questions about the application.

In order to submit/update your software please use the appropriate link below: