MS Office Plug-ins

  • Name: IP Tools for Excel 3.6.2
  • File Size: 9.8MB
  • Date: 18 Sep 2019
  • License: Shareware
  • Price: $39.95
  • Eval: 30 days
  • Operating System: Windows 7/8/10/Servers 2003/2008/2008r2/2012
  • Hardware Requirements: Not provided.
  • Other Requirements: Microsoft® Excel 2007 - 2019

Developer's description: "IP Tools for Excel adds sheet functions and fully automatic or programmable, macro like VBA script features to Microsoft Excel. These are tools and functions to support IP network systems test and evaluation. There is a GUI and Ribbon interface. Some features include ping, ping sweep, bulk ping, DNS lookup, nslookup, sort IP addresses, launch remote desktop protocol RDP, launch SSH, launch telnet, launch http and https, trim clean cells. Sheet functions to remove shading, remove comments, remove text color. Excel worksheet functions to ping, nslookup, open TCP ports, open http web pages and get SSL certificates. IPv6 supported by nslookup. IPAM and subnet calculations." More info-Productive Solutions Inc.

  • Name: mightymacros AddIn Installer 1.0.4
  • File Size: 2.32MB
  • Date: 7 May 2020
  • License: Freeware
  • Operating System: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/78/10
  • Hardware Requirements: Not provided
  • Other Requirements: Microsoft™ Excel 2010-2019
  • Notes: Runs on 32-bit or 64-bit Windows

Automates and simplifies the installation and update process when installing VBA Excel Add-ins. The program eliminates the need of copying and pasting to the add-ins folder, checking, unchecking boxes and closing dialogs making the deployment of VBA Excel add-ins friendly and suitable for all. The program installs onto the end of the developer tab within Excel. The program loads a file picker for selecting the Add-in to install. If Excel has an existing older version of the same add-in installed, the program will automatically replace the old add-in file. The program will prompt for a response if the installed add-in has a later date, in order to prevent overwriting a newer version. Changes in this release:

  • Fixed bug when installing using Run as Administrator.
  • Rich text box read me display set to read only.

More info-mightymacros