Icon Editors

  • Name: Axialis IconWorkshop 6.91
  • File Size: 38.0MB
  • Date: 8 Sep 2018
  • License: Shareware
  • Price: $69.95
  • Eval: 30 days (expires (Must be activated after 30-day period))
  • Operating System: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10
  • Hardware Requirements: 100MB HD, 1GB RAM, 1280x1024 display
  • Other Requirements: None.

Icon creation has evolved. Use the industry standard to create, extract, convert, manage icons for Windows, MacOS and toolbars. It supports all existing icon formats up to Windows 10 (768x768 PNG compressed icons) and Macintosh OSX El Capitan (1024x1024). If you are a developper, you will appreciate a plugin which permits working efficiently with Visual Studio 2008, 2010, 2012. It creates a bridge with the VS IDE to enhance your workflow. It is the only icon editor which permits creation and edition of Image Strips for toolbars. Do not struggle with wide bitmaps anymore! Just open them in IconWorkshop and edit each icon separetely. Use drag and drop to easily create attractive icons from various ready to use image objects in seconds. Several packs of image objects is included in the product (more than 2000 objects). A powerful editor permits to create icons using many tools including numerous filters and effects. Once an image is created, add several images formats in one click. Create icons from images with alpha transparency (PNG, PSD, SVG, J2000, BMP, GIF). Create PNG, JPEG 2000 and Web optimized GIF images from icons. If you work with Photoshop and Illustrator, you can import PSD images with layers and use the plugins to transfer images in memory and make your icon in a few clicks. 15 Photoshop Templates permits to create your icon with different formats in Photoshop and transfer them in one step to create your icon. Numerous batch procedures have been implemented in IconWorkshop to automatically perform operations on a large number of files. Convert several icons between Macintosh and Windows OS in seconds. Use a powerful librarian to easily manage all your icon and library (ICL) files. A file explorer permits to browse disks and work with files (images, icons, programs...). This explorer displays files in thumbnail preview mode. Use an exhaustive help system including getting started lessons, how to procedures and the reference manual. More info-Axialis Software

  • Name: Colibrico Design Studio 1.1.21
  • File Size: 34.85MB
  • Date: 30 Aug 2019
  • License: Shareware
  • Price: $59.00
  • Eval: 30 days, Export of graphics with watermark, no Export of SVG graphics
  • Operating System: Windows XP(SP3)/7(SP1)/8/10
  • Hardware Requirements: 2GB RAM (4GB recommended), 16-bit graphics card with Direct X-9 support and at least 64 MB VRAM, 300MB Free disk space
  • Other Requirements: None noted.
  • Language Support: English, German, Spanish (documentation is in English and German)

Colibrico Design Studio is a design tool with an extensive icon library. Colibrico Design Studio automates the creation of graphics and icon sets. Providing the graphics via the graphic tool offers several advantages.

  • The graphics can be exported in any size.
  • All graphics can be combined.
  • Color filters can be used to create additional color variations of the graphics.
  • The graphics are presented in a clear form.
  • The search function helps you to select a symbol.

With design elements and additional effects, modern and individual button sets can be created in any color With design templates you can create individual graphics, an icon set or a button set easy and fast. For the creation of individual button sets, different design elements with background shapes, frames, lighting effects and shadow effects are offered. Saved color filters or custom changes are applied to all selected graphics. This allows you to create and export multiple color variants in a matter of seconds. Design settings can be saved and reused for additional icon sets. You can create individual color groups and apply them to a flat icon set. You can import your own SVG graphics to speed up the creation of icon sets. The file formats SVG, PNG, JPG, BMP and ICO are supported for export. More info-Jürgen Schaetzke EDV Beratung & Programm.