Frequently Asked Questions

These are just a few of the questions about this site that I have been asked over the last couple of years. I hope that these clear up any confusion you might have.

Q. How can I submit my software to this site?

A. Just go to the Software Submission page and follow the instructions there.

Q How long will the software remain listed?

A. Software will remain listed for one year after it is initially posted/updated. If the software isn't updated within approximately 1 year the listing will be deleted.

Q. How many times a day do you update Allen's Winappslist?

A. This site is updated at least once a day Monday through Friday. I will occasionaly update the site on Saturday.

Q. What currency is used in Allen's Winappslist?

A. All currencies are in US Dollars unless otherwise noted. Any type of currency can be posted at the request of the shareware author/developer.

Q. Are prices for single or multiple user licenses?

A. Prices are for single user license unless otherwise stated.

Q. Some of the software on Allen's Winappslist is Commercial or Shareware. If I wish to purchase these how do I pay for them?

A. For the majority of applications you need to go to the developer's site to pay for your software.

Q. Do you offer support for the software listed on this site?

A. Allen's Winappslist is unable to offer support for programs listed on this site. Allen's Winappslist is a distribution point only. You must go to the developer/manufacturer for support.

Q. What Operating Systems are supported at Allen's Winappslist?

A. Allen's Winappslist supports 32-bit Microsoft Windows Operating systems only (Windows 95 and above). Apps are posted that are written in Java since it is supposed to be a "Cross Platform" programming language. There are no plans for supporting other operating systems (ie Mac, Linux, etc).

Q. Does Allen's Winappslist post Beta or other Pre-Release software?

A. Yes, though Allen's Winappslist can not accept responsibility for any damage that may be caused by Beta or other Pre-Release software. Pre-Release software is recommended for experienced users only.

Q. Why do some apps list Windows 95/98 as a requirements and not Windows ME? Doesn't Windows ME use the same Kernel as Windows 95/98?

A. While it is true that Windows ME uses an updated version of the Windows 9x kernel, not all applications that run on Windows 9x will run correctly (or at all) on Windows ME. Only applications that will run correctly on Windows ME are listed as running on Windows ME.

Q. What are the codes I sometimes see after the price of an item?

A. These are the Country Codes that are in accordance with the ISO 3166 standard.