Component Libraries

  • Name: ShellBrowser .Net Components 6.1
  • File Size: 4.0MB
  • Date: 16 Jul 2019
  • License: Shareware
  • Price: $299.95
  • Eval: 30 days
  • Operating System: Windows 2000/Vista/7/8/10/ Servers 2003/2012
  • Hardware Requirements: Not provided.
  • Other Requirements: Not provided.

The ShellBrowser .Net Edition is a set of UI controls that look and behave exactly like the Windows Explorer. The ShellListView and ShellTreeView controls imitate the corresponding parts of the Windows Explorer, including correct icons with overlays, the Explorer context menu, thumbnails, details, virtual folders and shell extensions. Beyond the normal Explorer look & feel, these controls support file filters, check boxes and allow the customization of many aspects of their appearance and behavior. The invisible ShellControlConnector control allows you to synchronize multiple shell controls with just one line of code. An additional thumbnail control displays previews of the selected files in any size. An interesting sample project and a detailed help file are included. Please see Change List for changes in this release. More info-JAM Software GmbH

  • Name: wodFTPServer 3.4.0
  • File Size: 7.24MB
  • Date: 19 Jul 2019
  • License: Shareware
  • Price: $239.00 (1 developer license, other licenses available)
  • Eval: 30 days
  • Operating System: Windows 2000/XP/Vista(32/64-bit)/2003/7(32/64-bit)
  • Hardware Requirements: Not provided.
  • Other Requirements: None.

ActiveX Component that implements server side of following protocols: FTP, FTP/S (FTPS or FTP+SSL) both in explicit and implicit modes, and SFTP (secure ftp subsystem on SSH2 secured channel). Support for all 3 protocol is transparent for your programming - you have same set of events, same set of properties and methods, same control over connected users - and just one property to change to switch from one protocol to another - Protocol property! Unlike old FTP protocol support, FTPS and SFTP protocols provide security, privatekey/certificate authentication and strong encryption of data - great for insecure networks. wodFTPServer can be easily setup (using provided samples) to listen and accept such clients.

  • Features include:
    • support for FTP, SFTP and FTPS protocols support for certificate and privatekey authentications (required or optional) set of events to control every aspect of client's connection - when he changes directory, lists directory contents, downloads file....
    • support for large files (larger than 4.2gb)
    • transparent interface - interface is the same for all supported protocols
    • debug log showing entered commands and replies sent to the user (in SFTP protocol wodFTPServer creates these messages for you!)
    • NT style authentication - you don't need to create accounts on your server at all, use users registered on your NT system great speed complete information on connected
    • users - get their originating IP address, originating port, total connected time...
    • custom initial messages sent to the client - you can hide WeOnlyDo! origin
    • completely easy interface - almost to say 'plug and play'
    • wodKeys component is included in our setup package free of charge. It can be used for private key management - to Generate new keys, Load/Save the, obtain public keys etc..
  • New in this release:
    • ECDSA publickey authentication fix.

More info-WeOnlyDo Software